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Development of high-end tile building materials market potential analysis
Published:2014-05-08    Views:9922

In recent years, can be described as intensified competition in the ceramic tile industry , due to increased production costs , increased industry reshuffle , the strength of those who have strong get weaker trend. Some low value-added, profit margins smaller enterprises have been eliminated , and the brands it through efforts to improve the technological content of products , increase innovation , cultivate independent brands , such as measures to achieve sustainable development.


It is reported that in recent years with rising oil prices and raw materials , a number of low-end manufacturing companies have been gradually phased out , with the low-end market saturation , high-end market shows its enormous business opportunities , the brand companies are accelerating the development of high-end products , to seize the high-end market, the future prospects are very bright. Tile is a fashion trend in home decoration materials . Our tile product varieties and large quantities of good quality , high- middle and low product range , great choice and affordable, many countries and regions of the world are very popular Chinese tile products.


Recently, due to the increased cost of production , the development of the domestic tile market had a profound impact , in order to grab market share, special tiles everywhere under the banner of the name of a large building materials market . However, rising raw material and oil prices gave tile industry of pressure , so that the weight of the original price of the product can no longer afford a low cost pressure , especially some small profit margins low-end products, are at a loss and offset the sales , the industry reshuffle is gradually increased, a number of low value-added , the smaller profit margins of enterprises have been eliminated , and the brand has become increasingly focused businesses .


Currently tile low-end market has been becoming saturated , but the high-end tile behind it has a huge market opportunity . A few years ago a similar crazy price war strategy makes a lot of tile varieties almost no benefit at all. Some high-end brand products due to higher generic difficulty has successfully combined to shape its own brand , other businesses and products is difficult to "clone" , profit margins relatively okay. So now , whether brands or new brands , were vigorously develop some new high-end products, tile design towards stylish, retro and original natural ecological development , momentum , new are endless , more and more toward high-end product quality .


Chinese companies are now targeting the high-end tile market , emphasizing the adjustment of product structure and improve value-added products , while also taking into account the overall interests of the industry, vigorously develop some new high-end products, and gradually move closer to the high-end market .


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