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Experts teach you to effectively reduce the loss of pavement tile floors
Published:2014-05-08    Views:10889

Paving tile floors , big loss if the owner is not a small loss . Many owners worry tile and flooring loss is too large, but what is normal wear and tear , what is malicious loss, in the process of paving tiles and flooring in the attention to what it takes to make home improvement do not waste money , and my heart and comfortable ? Owners have first understand that the loss in the construction process is bound to exist , in order to reduce non- normal wear and tear was part of the whole process from the start .

  Normal wear and tear accepted
      Floor tiles and paving process , the loss is bound to exist . Huangxiang Ling explained that due to room size and tile size does not necessarily match , so it is necessary to cut tiles, ceramic tiles to be laid off if you can not continue to use it caused the loss. According to reports , in general, the overall loss rate of tiles between 5 % -10 % is normal. " Owners must first objective to accept the concept of normal wear and tear , because this is the inevitable construction ."
      Normal wear and tear caused by the following reasons : space and tiled houses demolished discrepancies piece sizes . Huangxiang Ling example , 3.65 meters wide, if the house , the device tile 600 × 600 mm is just right , but if the house is 4 m wide , and that the remaining 20 cm tiles have cut off, resulting in loss. Further , the larger the selected tile size, the more losses . If it is 800 × 800毫米, 1200 × 1200 mm, tile , ceramic tile is cut down the loss is even greater , so much more than the loss of 10%.
      The tile factory in accordance with national standards , there will be color tile factory , different thickness, no founder, Alice leather case , even if there will be a number of substandard products qualified tile , ceramic tile owners have purchased more or less Some substandard products. Construction, workers will have to cut the tile poor , namely the presence of normal mistakes , logically speaking, generally 100 tiles tiles appear in two losses within the normal range. These losses are normal.
      Related to this , Wang Qingjiang showing normal wear of the floor is 5% , the loss is associated with many factors , such as the shape of the housing , if there are many houses corner arc , the loss is relatively large ; room , the bigger the loss ; if housing Founder or house size is the size to match the floor , the loss is relatively small; Furthermore , the degree of skilled workers will have a certain impact on the loss of skilled workers will house about measuring, calculating how shop was cost-effective.

  Attention to non- normal wear and tear
      Abnormal wear and tear in the actual process also exist. Experts, non- normal wear and tear tiles mainly by the purchase and construction caused by improper . It is understood that if the tile of poor quality, the possibility of damage during the construction of big , big loss inevitable ; while the customer can not accept the tile color is too large, the workers will color in the pre- shop , it is not the Founder , Alice leather tiles take out , if the " cheap deal " can not be returned products, "This loss is very alarming ." and construction operations, such as when you accidentally pavement tiles crack , even unskilled workers caused , if 100 crack tiles in more than two blocks are considered to be malicious loss.
  Floor also exist non-normal wear and tear , some workers deliberately wasted floor , and some workers were technology, however undue loss.

  Monitor the entire process to reduce losses
      Experts suggest that , to reduce the loss of tiles and flooring must be grasped from the aspect of the entire process . On the tile , consumers buy the best qualified products, and businesses agreed to replace the conditions , such as whether to fill , return, replacement, claims the conditions and obligations , etc., if there are problems but also know how to handle ; Also at the time of purchase on the tile size have been considered ordinary 10-30 square meters room , general shop 600 × 600 mm tiles on the line , do not choose too large tiles , or loss greater.

      To avoid loss of tiles , have supervision . " Once the tile laid off workers tossed aside regardless of whether or crumble , and had to ask to protect workers from arbitrary wasted ."
      As for the floor , the owners want to buy the floor before the first accurate measurement of room size , floor area for how much to buy be aware of. Such as room size is 20.5 square meters , the surplus of 5% per cent more , than when buying flooring to buy 20.5 × (1 +5%) = 21.525 square meters of floor area of slightly more , if the last floor area of overspending , it is necessary ask why so many more losses . If the factory owners worried about fraud or " Quejinduanliang " on the floor , you can pay attention to inspection at the point of shipment , such as the total number of packages to buy , how many pieces per pack floor , really do not worry , you can also look at each measurement floor area , whether it is a standard length and width dimensions.

      In addition , owners can overseer , when workers saw the whole floor on the pavement ask , why should saws where if it is normal crop, workers will be able to explain ; ? ? Also prevents workers paving the floor saws bad ; another consumers can count the floor , figure out how much he bought a block paved many pieces , how much waste , be settled attrition rate .


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