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How to solve sticks easily contaminated with dirt and brick problem?
Published:2014-05-08    Views:11170

Question: How to solve sticks easily contaminated with dirt and brick problem ?

Answer : steel roll bar is usually used out of the brick kiln units, mainly due to its easy dirty from the set on which industrial rubber foreskin.

Tile kiln after running out of its back surface friction on the rollers before rolling forward, has not yet reached a brick kiln picking station , via the press and compressed air cylinder piston pressure gas pipeline will be kiln when jacking bezel , steel rollers continue to rotate and continue to occur with the back of the brick rolling friction rollers are worn black powder is adhered to the back of the bricks in the trench .

When the first sheet in the packaging machine brick positioning means positioning the second sheet positioning of brick into the machine body , the back groove and hit the black powder adhered to the first sheet of glazed tiles , so the first piece of glazed brick was bruised, but will also grind down from the roll bar embedded in the black powder was scraped glazed scribing , difficult to remove .

When industrial rubber rollers on the foreskin is completely worn , but they can not keep spare parts , you can wrap a few times with a viscous sealing of steel rollers to avoid black powder scrap steel roll bar to be worn on the the grooves on the back of falling bricks . With a liner between the bricks can also be solved this problem, but remember to use a wet paper and colored paper , or because of wall tiles water absorption greater than 10% , may cause stains left on the surface of the brick .

Avoid ceramic rollers by dirty method is usually applied in high temperature alumina slurry body back into the kiln before ( remember the brick bottom slurry of calcium , iron content is too high ) , and rubbed off on the machine with a grinding rollers dirty bond matter . On the edge of the mud scraping , cleaning bricks at the end to avoid dust and other measures can be further affected by dirty rollers .

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